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About Us

Helping year 11-13 students

Nisha and Remi are both students from Barking Abbey Secondary School and Sixth Form in East London- they left the Sixth form in 2016. Nisha is now a recently qualified dentist who graduated from Cardiff University. Remi has completed her degree in Veterinary Nursing at the Royal Veterinary College and has started the graduate Veterinary Medicine programme at the same university.

Nisha and Remi found it hard to find mentors in their future professions as most schools focused on careers in medicine. Now, they want to help other students by giving them extra guidance when applying to university. They initially set up Scrub Mentors as a way to encourage more students in the East London community into both Dentistry and Veterinary careers. This has now grown to help those interested in focusing on applying to university who currently lack support. This is a free online service as we want this to be an equal opportunity for all.

Please note, that Nisha has uploaded some useful resources for prospective dentists as she is now in full-time work and unable to facilitate interactive events for students interested in dentistry. If you have any remaining questions about dentistry or need further support, then please email us and she will be able to get back to you as soon as possible.


Looking for support?

Interview preparation

Practice multi-mini interview test questions

Links to articles and current events

Students can keep up to date with useful links and events uploaded to the website

Ethical dilemmas & debates 

Unfortunately, practice will never be short of ethical dilemmas or difficult situations. Look at the scenarios and think 'what would a professional do in this situation?'

Need further support?

Are you thinking about becoming a Vet Nurse, Vet or Dentist? The application process can be scary without support. Drop us an email and we can see how we can help you.  

You can find our statement, privacy policy and safeguarding guidelines here.

What career are you interested in?

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