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So they liked you on paper, now all you need to do is ace your interview. This can be a nerve-wracking thing to go through, but it'll go by quickly (trust me).

Interviews are typically held in a Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) format (but some universities may differ). This is where you go through several 'stations' which assess you on different things. The benefit of this type of interview is that even if you think you mess up on one station (which I'm sure you haven't), the next interviewer doesn't know how your previous stations went, so see it as a fresh start! 

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Top tips:

  • Explain your thinking, especially if you are stuck. This could help the interviewer to understand how you problem solve

  • Be nice to everyone - the interview starts as soon as you step onto the campus

  • Be yourself - yes, it's a common saying, but you got there because they liked you on paper, so keep doing what you're doing!

  • Ensure that you can recall some of the things that you learnt during your work experience

  • Practice being asked questions on the spot!

Want more interview support?

Email us at and we can organise a practice interview

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